How we can assist with your Employer duties

It is clear that Employers have a lot of work to do to prepare to meet their new Employer duties. Horlock Holdcroft will work with you to analyse the impact of Automatic Enrolment on your business and design the most appropriate solution for you. We will help Employers to review their existing arrangements and understand what changes will be required. Although the Pension Reform legislation may not affect you immediately, now may be the time to start making preparations for the changes as it is likely that there will be a financial impact on your business. There are steps you can take to minimise this impact, for example:

  • Introduce scheme membership and contributions in stages over the next few years – this will help avoid a sudden increase in costs and assist your employees in gradually building up their contribution levels to the required minimum contribution of 5%.
  • This also has the advantage that you can promote the benefits of joining the scheme with a “positive message”, rather than communicating with staff that they will be automatically enrolled, which could be viewed negatively.
  • Salary Exchange can significantly reduce costs by deducting the employees’ contribution from their salary before tax and NI Insurance. This saves on National Insurance contributions for both the Employer and the employee at no extra cost to either.
Horlock Holdcroft have the means and expertise to ensure that you are fully prepared and equipped to meet the new Workplace Pension requirements in the most cost effective and time efficient way.  Our Workplace Pension solution provides you with an end to end solution for automatic enrolment:
  • You will have peace of mind knowing your scheme is compliant and that you are meeting your Employer duties
  • The cost of the scheme will be kept to a minimum and you can concentrate on running your business
  • We will incorporate salary exchange into our process to save costs for both Employers and employees
  • We will produce quality communications for you to give your employees
  • We will provide you with quality scheme reports to demonstrate ongoing governance

If you would like the opportunity to discuss any issues that concern you, please contact our team for more details on our services at or by calling the office directly on 01825 766 130.