Saving for Retirement

It has been said that retirement can be either the longest holiday of your life, or the longest period of unemployment. The basic state pension or ‘old age pension’ alone is not usually sufficient to  provide anyone with a comfortable retirement. Some people may be relying on an inheritance, or the sale of a property or a business, but most people will also be relying on a private pension to supplement their income. With people living longer, the cost of providing a decent retirement can look daunting, but with careful planning, starting as early as possible, we aim to help you to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

Our team will:

  • Assess your existing arrangements and pension forecast to identify any potential future shortfall
  • Suggest an appropriate level of savings, with an eye on tax efficiency
  • Assess your tolerance towards investment risk and financial loss
  • Recommend an appropriate investment strategy for you
  • Conduct ongoing reviews to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals
  • Ensure your investment choices remain appropriate for your attitude to risk over time


If you would like the opportunity to discuss any issues that concern you, please contact our team for more details on our services at or by calling the office directly on 01825 766 130.